28Pin to PCI-e Adapter for 2013-2016 Macbook SSD
Name:   28Pin to PCI-e Adapter for 2013-2016 Macbook SSD
Model:  ST-A2013SA-B(UPC:701017254997)

ST-A2013SA-B Apple 2013-2016 year MACBOOK AIR/PRO Retina ssd to PCI-e 4X Adapter card is used to covert your SSD from 2013 Macbook Air or Pro to PCI-e 4X on desktop .

Specifications and features:
1. Fit SSD modules only from the following Apple 2013-2016 eyar MACBOOK AIr/ PRO :
11" Air Mid 2013, A1465(MD711.MD712)
13" Air Mid 2013, A1466 (MD760.MD761);
13" PRO Retina Late 2013, A1502 (ME864, ME865, ME866)
15" PRO Retina Late 2013, A1398 (ME293, ME294, ME874)
2. Fit following SSD modules:
Sandisk SD6PQ4M-128G
3. compliant with PCI-e 4x,8X,16X slot 
4. No need extra power adapter and any drivers
5.Supports DOS, Win98/SE, 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, 7, Sever 2008 & Mac OS & Linux



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